Getting A Legal Witness To Validate Your Papers

There arise several instances when there are clauses that require a witness to see or to verify the authenticity of certain papers. This pertains to proof of marriage, employment, educational qualifications and so forth. When you are applying for an overseas job or educational opportunity you will need the right validation of the necessary papers. This ensures that you meet the regulatory norms when you travel to another country to study or to work abroad.

Attestation clause

Such a clause usually requires a witness who would ensure that a document is signed by the relevant parties. It could be a clause in a will as well as shows up in legal documents where there is need that a witness has watched the concerned parties sign the papers. Such a clause might not be a requirement always but if there is such a clause and it is not completed, the document will remain unofficial and unfinished. This can result in legal difficulties. A judge might then ask for an affidavit in order to obtain proof for validating a document such as birth certificate attestation Dubai.

When testimony clauses occur?

Such a clause is usually a requirement of any legal document that requires the presence of witnesses when it is being signed. In certain cases, such as marriage certificate attestation for UAE visa, not anyone can validate the signing as the witness needs to be some who can attest. Hence, even if people are present in a room where a legal document or agreement is being made, they would not be considered attesting witnesses. Certain documents require two or more witnesses attest when a document is being signed and these terms are mentioned in the attestation clause.

If such a clause is present but does not seem valid in a document, a judge could ask for an affidavit to be issued to prove that the paper has been signed by the right parties. The affidavit would require someone to show evidence that the signatures on the document were valid. In case of a will, if it is not proven, it could be considered a probate will. Even if attestation as a clause might not be a legal requirement, this is often asked for in order to avoid legal complications in the future. If you are in need of official attestation of your papers, there are services that can get it done. It is possible to look up legal aid or attestation services in countries through online portals these days which makes it convenient.

— May 30, 2017

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